Dec 31 2007
08:02 am
By: WhitesCreek

What steps have been taken to protect your sensitive personal information on file in the County offices?

A computer was stolen from Davidson County with the entire voter information files for the County, including addresses and Social Security numbers.

This is a huge deal. County Citizens have the right to know that the County is protecting their personal information from criminals and political evil doers, such as the one in Senator Frist's office who hacked information from the Democratic party.

A political party that must conduct criminal operations in order to maintain power is nothing more than a crime family. Having said that, I actually hope that this was a political shenanigan reather than an actual criminal looking to steal social security numbers. The voters involved could lose millions to identity fraud if the info gets into the wrong hands.

Let's hope that Roane County has our files encrypted and secured, but anyone want to place any bets?

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