Dec 30 2007
11:31 am
By: MuseWatson
Clifty Shoals.jpg

This is very close to the same location.......

Several of us would go sit

Several of us would go sit at these spots and eat our takeout lunch. It gave us a break from working our tails off trying to start a company with no money. The food came from a restaurant that sat right at the old bridge. The bridge has been replaced and the restaurant closed. I miss them both.

Thanks for the reminder.

I also think the left side looking upstream has been purchased and placed in a conservation easement by Lianne Russel and her husband Bill(now passed). They were the driving forces behind the Big South Fork preservation even though they let Howard Baker take credit.

I think that's Roane County on the left and Morgan County on the right in your shot. Great stuff, thanks.

Actually, the left side,

Actually, the left side, Roane County, belongs to my wife and i. The right side, looking up-stream is Morgan County, and is the parcel placed in conservancy. We have also stipulated in our will that when or if our heirs want to sell our part of the canyon, it must go to a conservancy. It must be preserved. We have hauled 60 tons of garbage out of the canyon and put up a gate to prevent garbage from going in and rock from coming out. Twice a year, TVA has their "Kids In the Creek" day there where the kids are able to test the water and study aquatic life.

Which side of the creek was the store on? Was there living quarters in the store like the ole country stores used to have? Did they have a seating area for eating?

Watch this... (link...)

Thanks for clearing that up.

Thanks for clearing that up. And also thanks for hauling away the trash. We were involved in a cleanup at the mouth of Clifty that was very frustrating, in that it was only a matter of days before it was retrashed.

I'll scratch my head and see what I can remember and ask around. I seem to think it was called Webb's but that may be wrong. I'm sure there are some folks who could fill us in.

I think it

I myself think it is awesome people get out there and clean up I just wish everyone would just stop throwing there trash out the windows of there car's I love going up to the waterfall up on the moutian called Ozone Falls it is beautiful up there.I used to go up there with my cousins and we would just walk around on the trail or just look down at the waterfall it is beautiful.If you get the chance go on up and look and enjoy the view...~lISA~

I agree.....

We had help cleaning up and i think people would be surprised how much help is available if they only express the desire to clean up their property. We had help from Beautify Roane County, Morgan County Dump, the City of Harriman, and TVA. Don't want to get anyone in trouble so let me just say that some of these folks even provided equipment. Loaders and dump trucks.

I spend a lot of time in Los Angeles....and i tell people all the time, there are no secret building materials in Beverly Hills, the difference between Beverly Hills and some of the trashier spots on earth is the fact that they pick up their trash in Beverly Hills. We can talk about a coat of paint and how inexpensive that is after we get the trash picked up. Harriman was created as a Utopia because it was so beautiful. Let's make it that way again, like you said, quit throwing the trash out the car window.

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It really is that simple...

You know, it really is that simple! Put the trash where it belongs. If there is not a container, take it with you to a container. If you are in your car, keep the trash with you until you reach a container. If you are hauling trash, cover it to ensure nothing blows out! It would be much better if we had no litter than to keep having to pick it up!

If there was NO LITTER in Roane County, no one would loose their jobs or volunteer positions. We would then spend that time working on the important things - like revitalizing our parks(for kids to play in and the public to enjoy), finding areas to create hiking trails and bike trails, helping the elderly and disabled renew their homes, creating green spaces in our towns for people to draw them into town and increase revenues in the area, preservation of areas like Mt. Roosevelt, revitalization of our memories like the Princess Theatre, providing places for our teens to go so they do not have to go to Oak Ridge or West Knoxville, and...

Good Lord! We gotta get rid of that trash! We have some work to do!

Sorry! Soap box again!

By the way...

Folks who haven't watched Muse's link are missing some fun. He sings, he dances, he kills people...(Hey, it's a movie, OK? Relax)

By the way......

Thank you ....and for those who want more specific character tributes, scan down the same page to "favorites". Some of my fans have put together some short videos about specific characters i have done. It's all shameless self promotion, but it is what i do to provide for my family. ....and further down the page in "favorites" is a video about the Princess Theater, and what it could do for all of us in the region.

Muse Watson

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