Dec 30 2007
10:12 am
Clifty Creek

Why i love Roane County.......

Me, too. (click again to see full sized)

Great shot. Is that looking up toward the Pepper Box?

Most folks forget that Roane County's western border is mostly water. Clifty Creek from the Emory river and then South to the divide between the Clifty and Piney Creek watersheds. The Piney river separates Cumberland and then Rhea County from us until it joins Whites Creek and Whites takes over the job out to the middle of Watts Bar lake and the triple point at Rhea, Meigs, and Roane in the old Tennessee River channel.

It IS looking up toward

It IS looking up toward Pepper Box. This photo is proudly displayed in my home in Los Angeles, just to keep me centered. The photo is taken from our property on the creek looking across my neighbor's creek front property to another parcel we own which borders the creek.

Watch this... (link...)

If you have looked at Clifty

If you have looked at Clifty Creek in the last two days, you know that it is now a class two/three whitewater run after the rains. It drops fast, though. There are some beautiful ledges on the run but nothing difficult.

It's absolutely beautiful the whole way down.

Thanks Lynn, glad i found

Thanks Lynn, glad i found this site. Hope you are well.

Watch this... (link...)

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