Dec 29 2007
07:09 pm
By: BluMeenie

A certain County employee, who publishes a monthly reader that recently printed a candid interview with a local developer, enjoying the view from a local developer's sky box.

What is "up and up" about

What is "up and up" about allowing an interview subject to call an editorial opinion in the local newspaper "despicable" without challenging the specifics? In fact, the State Audit allowed plenty of time for responses to be entered into the record and several were.

For a supposed interviewer to be accusing the City of Harriman of "knee jerk reactions" when they are responding to the State Auditor in a quasi judicial record is actually fairly unjournalisitc. Harriman has been placed in a position of illegality regarding bonds issued for Pinnacle Pointe, a private development, and that has to be rectified immediately.

Also, we have no idea who wrote the 20 Questions piece, since it was unsigned.

Go to the roanegov site and

Go to the roanegov site and there is an explanation about how the interview came about and who composed the questions.

Now folks...

I didn't see anything slanderous in these posts or comments or I would have deleted them. I asked for and received verification that the post was truthful and I allowed it.

There are such things as journalistic standards, though, and in a small community anyone who wants to be thought of in those terms has to think about how things look. It's not right or wrong, it is just how things are.

The "candid" interview was certainly interesting but can't be thought of as serious in journalistic terms. The Reader is entertaining and a nice vehicle for local ads, and there's nothing wrong with that either.

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