Dec 28 2007
12:11 pm
By: WhitesCreek

The Clinch river winds its way from Virginia all the way to Kingston, Tennessee where it loses its name to the Emory River at Ladd Landing. Along the way, the Clinch gets used and abused and recovers. The upper stretches still have a marvelous biological diversity which a recent interstate organizational agreement intends to preserve.

Here is the announcement from TDEC.

I never had followed the river...

... on a map to see how far up it went. It really covers a lot of territory.

I hope they have great success with this preservation project. If so, it can be a marvelous example of interstate cooperation for such projects.


Most of the Clinch River

Most of the Clinch River problems boil down to one thing...coal mining. Coal mining should have been stopped worldwide decades ago. It's murderous and debilitating work and nothing I know of is more environmentally destructive.

Using White Oak Creek as a radiation dump is another thing altogether.

Suffice it to say there is much work to be done.

I don't doubt it one bit, WC...

I was impressed with the damage done by coal mining - particularly pit mining - YEARS ago - like in very early 70s - when I flew on business on a low, slow plane over parts of KY & VA on the way to DC. My God what that did to the earth! Then, some years after that, when I learned to fly myself, out of good ole RKW, and flew over our local landscape... our own local mountains certainly weren't spared, either. I've seen it close up, too, in driving in the New River area and some areas of Morgan County.

I understand why they went after the coal, looking at the history, but that doesn't change what it did. Big difference between deep mining and open pit mining, though.

It'll never be stopped - methinks the best that can be hoped for is improved techniques.


Clinch stops at the mouth of the Emory?

I have never heard the section of the river between Ladd's Landing and Southwest Point referrer to as the Emory. The US Army Corp. of Engineers does not seem to support that either. Link I think you have more knowledge than I about the rivers, but I don't understand why you think the Clinch stops at the mouth of the Emory. Could you please explain?

You're right to question

the contention that the Clinch River does not remain the Clinch River all the way to its confluence with the Tennessee River at Tennessee River Mile 567.6. Rivers end when they confluence (or join) a larger River. The Emory River ends at Clinch River Mile 4.3

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