Dec 27 2007
09:34 pm

Pick up a copy of the Roane Reader and read Steve Kirkham's response to 20 questions posed to him...

Hmmm...I guess Steve wants

Hmmm...I guess Steve wants to get his side of several stories out in the "Friday news" alternative small outlet manner, so us bloggers can't link to it.

I guess the Roane County News wouldn't publish his letter to the editor or something.

Update: Kirkham calls the Roane County News coverage of him, "Despicable!"

The "despicable" comment

The "despicable" comment came from Kirkham's answer to question # 20 in the Roane Reader. Kirkham states that the RCN tried to talk to him but that he refused on advice from his attorneys.

The "letter to the editor" was a joke on my part. It seems to me that all Steve and Jerry had to do was make some simple statement to the RCN on the order of "Golly, gee, we sure don't think the state audit is correct, but we'll get back to you after our people have had time to look at it. Now they just look a bit petulant.

RCN would have been derelict if they had not reported on the findings of the state audit. Steve and Jerry might think about being a little more forthcoming with information, instead of escalating what looks from the outside like a feud with the local newspaper. They should have issued a statement immediately and headed all this off.

Anonymous is on the money...

... about the former administration's watch. Mason et al inherited this, and, as mentioned in the Roane Reader, were not up to speed on all that had happened. Mason will follow up as he has promised to do, and has publicly stated that he did NOT receive donations for his campaign from either Duncan or Kirkham.


They DID make "a simple

They DID make "a simple statement" to the Roane County News and The Roane Couty News DID print a couple of those statements by Kirkham about two months ago concerning the state's audit. At that time the men said that they would do an audit for comparison and "if they owed it they would pay it." But the RCN couldn't wait until after the audit was done to publish their "If they owe it they should pay it" editorial basically blasting them.

I don't remember that but we

I don't remember that but we can check on it. It's still good press management to issue a statement to the media organ that publishes something you disagree with or believe to be inaccurate. Silence gets you killed.

We did notice that there are still unanswered questions regarding Steve living in the old Smith house, and the question of a stark inaccuracy about the lighting initiative stopping development. Those were not asked by whoever was asking candid questions in the Reader. There was no byline that we saw.

Three separate issues...

"We did notice that there are still unanswered questions regarding Steve living in the old Smith house, and the question of a stark inaccuracy about the lighting initiative stopping development. Those were not asked by whoever was asking candid questions in the Reader. There was no byline that we saw.

These are three separate issues, unless the subject is really figuring out reasons to talk negatively about Steve Kirkham.

Where he lives or lived and what he did or didn't do regarding lighting has nothing to do with the issue the article (and all the hubbub) was about.

Good or bad "press management" is not something that imputes guilt or innocence. It, too, is a separate issue.

The specific issue of what was owed to Harriman - or vice versa - was addressed quite well in the article.

Substance of all stories in the Roane Reader, unless by-lined otherwise, is the writing of the two sisters who run and publish the paper.

That's exactly right, harrimanite...

I remember personally seeing the article about it in RCN - and not much was made of it. Next thing ya know, there's the editorial outcry you mention.

Given the details we got in the Roane Reader, I'm not sure exactly what the hell else people want out of Duncan/Kirkham other than better "press management" or simply to grind an axe.


"Details" in the Roane Reader

RB, I don't think that the press release in the RR will stop the folks who really think that big money deals ought to be conducted with the utmost transparency if they involve tax money and local government.

I have been told all manner of things, some good some bad, and I personally would like to see both audits posted on line where we can all compare and comment on them. Let's be open and forthright.

I'm sure some folks have an axe to grind but I don't. I just have this old fashioned idea that we ought to be honest and open in government dealings. Quaint notion, I admit.

And another thing...

Let's tweak the RCN for not having their archives online in searchable format. I recycle my old ones.

I've got the RR paper...

If somebody wants me to, I could scan and put online as a file, or perhaps use OCR and put it in as a pasted message.


I'm not sure that would fall

I'm not sure that would fall under the "fair use" regulations as far as copywrite is concerned. That's why I haven't already posted the 20 questions, too.


It's your forum and your judgment prevails.

Will refrain.



it may be ok to copy and post but let's be prudent and make sure. I appreciate your offer, though.

I'll ask my expert and report back.


Hi All,

Well even me and my friends do agree with it. Out of Friday news, definitely Steve wanna get some stories out of it. I don't understand why everyone are behind Duncan/Kirkham?

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man, pass me that bong...


Oh wow..Really...

Oh wow..Really...

Laughing out loud, WC

My silly giggle for the day...

RB ;-)

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