Dec 26 2007
08:32 am

That would be doing our best to help our elected officials properly represent "We the People" as opposed to "We the Powerful" in Roane County.

What do you think should be on our to-do list for the coming year?

1. Creating a short, medium and long range plan for our Public Schools.

2. Finding out why the Industrial Development Board hasn't turned in a Financial report to the County.

3. Figuring out why our County Commissioners are willing to throw ten million bucks at an Industrial Park in another county that will never produce direct revenue in Roane County and they won't put a nickel into the Director of Schools' emergency request.

4. Understanding how someone who owes Harriman over a quarter of a million bucks can get into the Roane Alliance Hall of Fame.

5. Why some folks are willing to misrepresent the Dark Skies project and fight agaisnt it even though it would save everyone money and create safer streets and more secure homes.

6. Your turn...What's on your list?

Hmmm, you're right.

I'll work on that.

And to answer your question, yes but that's only a side benefit. A lot of people think that no one has the right to take away the night sky stars from anyone else. We could understand if there weren't reasonable and cost effective alternatives to bad lighting.

Some cities have even torn down their old lights and replaced them with full cut off lights as a cost saving measure. With good lighting desing it costs much less in electricity to illuminate streets and parking lots.

And the old idea about night lights promoting security turns out to be a myth. There's so much wrong with bad lighting and so much to be gained with good lighting that not only Oak Ridge, but everybody everywhere ought to get on the Lighting Improvement band wagon.

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