Dec 23 2007
08:42 am
By: WhitesCreek

I remember a question on a test I had in a critical thinking class that asked, "How many birthdays does the average man have?"

The answer is "ONE" and here are some "Ones" that occurred last week:

Sarah Kimberly Hellmann born to Mark and Kimberly Hellmann, Kingston, a girl.

Haley Alexa Rose born to John Rose and Desiree McCoy, Kingston, a girl.

Wyatt Rafe born to Travis and Jaime Zeigler, Harriman, a boy.

Jasmine Marina born to Rudy Aylward and Alicia Stanley, Kingston, a girl.

I suspect there may be more, so feel free to add them. As with my own two December babies, it will be a challenge to keep their personal celebrations from being overwhelmed by the season's other festivities.

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