Aug 1 2010
07:45 pm
By: onetahiti

Taking a digital photo of a very fast creature isn't easy. By the time the camera records the photo, often the creature is no longer in the frame. Below are a couple of attempts taken here by a family member this past weekend.

just the tail this time

Here's another try:

climbing a tree


Quite a few of the images just showed leaves. :) (Photos of course used with permission.)

-- OneTahiti


Okay OneT

Excuse my ignorance, but what is that? It looks like a domestic cat, except it's spotted! Whatever it is, it's way cool. Thanks for posting.

She's a Bengal

We were looking for a Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest cat, something relatively big to fill the bobcat's ecological niche and keep the mice down. Instead, two weeks ago we found this Bengal kitten. (A Bengal is a cross between an Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat.) Some Bengals get big like Maine Coons; others do not. This young one is well muscled and growing rapidly. She seems to really really like our woods and when not eating spends her waking hours zooming around.

-- OneTahiti


is it neutered or spayed or whatever they do to cats?

Not yet

Supposedly one should wait a bit longer. This cat is only 14 weeks old. She will be spayed very soon, probably in two or three weeks. She does have her shots.

-- OneTahiti

great, thanks for the quick reply,

it looks pretty big from the picture (i don't know nuthin' about cats), bet it's fun to watch. hope it gets it fill from rodents and stays away from birds though.

The Bobcat?

The Bobcat?


The bobcat that hung around here for four years had a mutation that left him with no tail at all. He got into a fight with something back in February and did not survive his injuries. :(

-- OneTahiti

Sorry to hear about the

Sorry to hear about the bobcat.

Thanks for sharing about your new Bengal. I would love to see a pic of her face. Hopefully the photographer will be faster than her one day. :)

Is she indoor/outdoor, or just out? Does she let you pet her?

Does she have a name yet, or can we have a "Name the Bengal" contest here on RV's?

Just LOVE those spots!


The person who gave her to us named her first, but we just call her "Kitty." :)

She is indoor/outdoor but seems to prefer the outdoors. She is tame and housebroken and definitely lets us pet her, just not for long. She has way too much energy to stay still more than a moment.

-- OneTahiti

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