Dec 18 2007
11:16 am
By: WhitesCreek

Opposition to passing a Lighting Improvement resolution is diminishing and what's left is starting to look really foolish...or mean spirited, in certain cases.

This is a winning issue around the world, as even whole Nations are realizing the value of good lights.

I noted another instance of full cutoff lighting in the parking lot at Kingston Elementary School. All they would have to do is install $20 reflectors on their building lights and they would be a fine example for others to look at. Timers and a few motion detection lights would save the County some real dollars.

This is so easy, let's just nod our heads and get it done.

"let's just nod our heads "


We are usually sheep, but for some reason, anything that makes sense and we become GOATS! I have no outside lighting at my house that stays on during the night. We get up and turn them on when our dogs bark. Our motto has been shoot first and ask questions after the lights are turned on. With the number of neighbors increasing and getting closer, it might be time for a new motto. So please inform this ignorant soul how a home owner can best do their part.

Inquiring minds want to know and are often afraid of appearing ignorant. For some of us, we don't mind appearing ignorant!


Sounds like you are doing your part

Most security advisors will tell you to use motion detectors on your outside lights. I have installed them on several fixtures and really like them. Not only do I know whether the dogs are barking at a deer or something more sinister, It's nice to have the lights turned on when we drive up to the house.

Lights that stay on all the time do not increase security and may work in favor of the criminals.



Please check out our website @ (link...). You will find many pictures of correct lighting that you may use around your home. In addition, one concept that we are promoting is that it is not all about watts, although it does come into it somewhat. If you have an incorrect fixture, you will need a higher watt bulb to illuminate what you are wanting to illuminate. However, if you have a full cutoff fixture, your wattage will be able to decrease.
As I said, please check out our website as there are many pics available.

Here's a good source for neigborly lighting

They also carry the aluminum shield that converts the old style REU security light in a full cutoff light.



Thanks guys! I will get busy learning.


Kingston lighting - Thx, Mr. Beets and Mr. Williams

I was happy to hear comments by Mr. Beets that Kingston is searching for ways to save money spent on city utilities. Last week's writeup in RC News contained an explanation by finance officer Brewer:
"The increase of about 20 percent in electric rates will cost the city about $47,539 more than what was budgeted, she said. A lot of the increase comes from street lighting, Brewer said."

Think about that -- directing light downward would brighten things up and save over 50%, permitting a $100,000 savings and tax reduction. That's every year. Every 4 year election cycle would show a $400,000 tax savings from using responsible lighting. Consider the political implications of Light Conservation.

And there's much more to be saved by turning off building lights when 'nobody is home.' That means during the day when offices are empty, and certainly in the evenings. Then there are the lights of empty tennis courts and unused park areas. Motion detectors would be a big help.

Mr. Williams thoughtful proposal has a lot of merit:
Councilman Brant Williams suggested getting a committee together of residents and employees to audit city buildings and look at ways to cut back, such as using more energy efficient lighting.

"If we're going to do it, we ought to make a big splash," Williams said.

Thanks to Mr. Williams for following up and proposing solutions. It looks like Kingston has some quality people working for it.


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