Dec 18 2007
08:19 am

Roane County School Board Member, Earl Nall, has started blogging on, you'll never guess, school stuff. Mostly on Roane County Schools, but also on broader school related things.

Check out his report on the recent School Board meeting.

Way to go, Earl!

And that's all I have to say about that.
- Forrest Gump



How is the best way to reply to Earl's blog? Just e-mail him or is there a place to post replies?


Earl does not have comments

Earl does not have comments enabled so you have to email him. He boldly(and bravely) placed his email address right there on his blog.


Earl has made a huge statement by openly bringing school related information to the forefront. IMO, a standard has been set. This is an extremely excellent example of how an elected official can work with the public while doing the public's business.

WC, perhaps as Earl progresses on his site you might link to it from here... -- His newspaper articles will also be at his site.

Thank you Earl for a direct and valuable community service.


Check the Local Gov block on the right, just below Roane Schools.


Didn't see it before. Good call. Thanks.

that's because I just added

that's because I just added it. ;>)

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