Dec 17 2007
12:51 pm

Any opinions or data about blogging services?

For instance, what is superior or otherwise about e-blog ( which is a Google service vis a vis, etc.

What other blogging (easy) sites are out there? Comparisons? Why go with one as opposed to the other, etc?

How much time does it take?

Thanks for the input.


Blogger is the granddaddy,

Blogger is the granddaddy, probably the most widely used, and much improved after Google's takeover.

Wordpress is a more sophisticated platform than blogger/blogspot, and they have a free hosted version or you can install the free open source software and host it yourself on a shared hosting account, giving you more flexibility to install add-ons, etc.


How much time does it take?

How much time are you able to spend? About that much, plus more.

Thanks, Randy!

"How much time are you able to spend? About that much, plus more."
Pretty much the answer I expected! LOL

I appreciate your info, will check out the link. Also will be glad to hear from any others.


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