Dec 17 2007
11:59 am
By: WhitesCreek

Knox County is considering it. Hamblen County already does it. And did you know that the State of Tennessee Board of Education has a student on it?


I think it would be fun to see how and who got appointed. Or would the student have to run for election, too?

Why the heck not??

Well, except for the thing of election...

I wonder how they do it in Hamblen County. Or how they're thinking about doing it in Knox County.

Seems like for it to be something other than a token appointment, it would require some statutory changes.

I know of many other regulatory and governing boards (including professional boards) that take specific care to see to it that members of the group(s) being governed or regulated are members of the board.

God forbid... are we talking about a private act here? LOL


Why not?

Several local schools boards have student reps that offer much to the overall process but do not have voting privileges. I think it has much merit but I'm unsure how the implementation works.

On the state level, I think recommendations of several outstanding students throughout the state are offered up and a committee makes a final selection.

Did anyone see BOE Chairman Earl Nall's column in the RCNews? I think that speaks to his commitment and professionalism. He's set an excellent standard that is totally open to the public. Let the sun shine!

I did see Earl's column.

I did see Earl's column. Whatever he has to say, we should pay attention to.

I'm disappointed that it is not posted on the RCN website so folks who don't get the dead tree edition* can check it out. They charge advertisers but with only 3 new pieces, who goes there?

*term used by permission, MNF term coiners, LLC

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