Dec 17 2007
09:51 am
By: WhitesCreek

The Harriman City Council sent one of those notes inside their Christmas card to Messers Duncan and Kirkham.

I just recently found out that the streets inside the Pinnacle Pointe shopping center were now Harriman City streets. With all the empty spaces along them, will they ever generate enough tax revenue to cover the maintenence?

Doesn't the Harriman City

Doesn't the Harriman City Council like their discount on Kroger vaseline?

As much as I enjoy sparring with WC, I gotta go with him here...

I acknowledge freely the benefits to Harriman and Roane County that have been brought about by the business enterprises and generally supportive activities of these two gentlemen. Yet I do have to say - for their own sakes - I do wish they would either explain why they think they don't owe Harriman the money, or pay it.

As to the policy the Harriman City Council seems about to adopt... why the heck not? I say go for it. Could set a good precedent, and help keep the air clear. I don't see how it could be all that bad a thing to do.


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