Dec 16 2007
06:39 pm

So Roane County can spend 10 million on a jail and it's sunk money. But will our County Fathers even look at the possibility of creating a County wide fiberoptic Internet Utility?

Morristown is going forward with theirs! They have a potential of 65,000 customers and will break even a 10,000.


Does anybody have any idea...?

1) How much this cost Morristown?
2) Is there only one utility in Hamblen County that would have to cooperate in making it a county-wide thing?
3) How the population comparison as to available subscribers might be in Roane compared to Hamblen?
4) How the answers to #3 above would impact what it would take to break even on Roane?


I appears it is just for MUS

I appears it is just for MUS service area, which states that is has about 14,000 customers. The county population is a lot more than that, so I'd say it's not county-wide.

I think there are two

I think there are two service areas for MUS...Inside the city and outside the city. They are issuing $18 million in bonds for the city and will break even with 5000 accounts. Also, there is a difference between population and accounts, with accounts being fewer.

Something else I noticed in all this...In Roane County, cable has to pay a pole rental fee but in Knoxville it seems that they merely notify the County their poles are being used. There seems to be an opportunity here for some enterprising County commissioner or Mayor, maybe.

Interesting Info

"Also, there is a difference between population and accounts, with accounts being fewer."

Yep - I can see how that would absolutely be the case. And the number of accounts is by far what's more important in figuring out financial requirements, possibilities, etc.

Which way do you see there being an opportunity? I'm not sure which direction you're going here.

In what you saw, was the %18mil for installing the fiber optic infrastructure? Was it only to "hubs" or "nodes" or did it include into the premises?

Thanks for the info.


I was going in the direction

I was going in the direction of the County putting in a running a County wide internet utility like Morristown is doing.

This would frankly do more for Roane County than all the Industrial parks and jails combined. It would allow an explosion of internet based business in Roane County.

As for "what I saw" might better follow the link yourself. I read too fast and think too slow to pass on all of it accurately.

Go Broadband.

If my memory serves me correct, fiber runs right through Harriman, maybe other RC communities too.

When I was a member of HEAT, we considered focusing tax incentives toward high tech enterprises to locate in downtown Harriman -- a merging of high tech and the charm of a historic district. We figured w/Oak Ridge projects and nano tech surfacing it could be a good fit. The idea didn't get broad support but it still has huge potential.

Fiber is in Roane County. RC must have a plan or vision to use it if it is to capture mass appeal. When the residents or county decide money can be made and it will raise our overall quality of life I'm sure it will become a serious issue for us. Only then will our rural residents benefit.

The opportunity is being on the front end of the shift now that broadband is a proven. It's all clean work, the best kind of industry, IMO

There are bundles of fiber

There are bundles of fiber running all over Roane County on the main roads. There would be a cost of inconnecting but the backbone is already in place.

All we need is a Commission that realizes that Broadband Internet is the future of everything. If only we could get a snake oil salesman to present it to them, I'm sure they'd be all over it.

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