Dec 12 2007
06:24 pm
By: WhitesCreek

In case you guys didn't get the memo:

Friday will be the last "Picking and Grinning" at Yonder Hollow, downtown Rockwood until Jan. 2nd. 2008. Among the bands who have called and said they would be there are, The Smith Brothers, Alex Leach, Lacey Lee, Gene Horner, Wind Rock Mountain Boys, and of course there will be other bands I am sure, plus lots of good ole "jamming" in the other areas. Come on down for a great evening of music, fellowship, and "Miss Nell's" delicious homemade pies. The fun starts at 6:30 until.....No smoking, or drinking allowed in this family entertainment atmosphere. Looking forward to seeing you... Ray Collett

Good wholesome Family entertainment. I've been wanting to drop by and I'd better do it Friday or I'll have to wait until 2008.

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