Dec 11 2007
08:15 am

I couldn't help but notice that several City Council members thought there was something wrong with buying police vehicles from Duncan Motors as long as Mr. Duncan owed the City over Two hundred and thirty thousand bucks, according to the State audit.

Duncan might think about giving the vehicles to the City instead. I figure they just about equal the interest on his debt.

For Harriman's sake relative to audit findings...

... the issue probably should be resolved before Harriman agrees to purchase from Jerry Duncan. Otherwise, they'd be possibly subject to more audit findings, wouldn't they?


I keep thinking that these

I keep thinking that these folks have made a bunch of money, but they've also done a lot for Harriman and Roane County. Why would they let this tarnish their standing in our community?

Go public with your side or make arrangements to pay your bill...Duh!

Yeah - it really puzzles me, too, WC

If there is an issue with paying Harriman, I'd like to hear it.

These guys HAVE done lots for Harriman and for Roane County. It doesn't add up that they'd all of a sudden just be out to screw either or both out of close to a quarter of a mil. I do wish we could hear something.


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