Dec 10 2007
07:48 pm
By: WhitesCreek

I told you about the Souvlaki at Misael's Restaurant in Kingston and I admit that's what I had for lunch. Misael has great french fries but I had to go with the salad due to other considerations of the incipient excesses of this season.

That's another way to say I plan to eat to much and I have to pace myself.

When we walked through the door Misael smiled big and pointed at a shelf in the set up area..."I got it!" he said. There on the shelf were several bottle of nice wine. Misael's is now serving wine.

May I suggest the Hogue Cabernet with the Chicken Parmegiano? Or how about a Margarita with one of his excellent Mexican dishes?

Things are looking up for evenin dining in Roane County.

Judge Alert

I should mention that there were two Roane County Judges also dining at Misael's and that they each appear to have paid for their own lunch.

In Roane County this afternoon, Buffet fueled Justice was served.

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