Dec 9 2007
03:34 pm
By: WhitesCreek

Roanviews posters are giving us some great ideas but you may miss some of them unless you read the comments. We have a tendency to wander off topic somewhat but this is a thoughtful crowd.

Tyler pointed out this link and wondered why we can't get as fired up about building great schools as we do about one Constable with a stick?

Can't argue with ya there, WC!

That's a good idea Mr Ragsdale has there, IMHO. No reason it couldn't work. It's a similar idea to one implemented a few years ago by one of the classes (was is the 2000 class) of Leadership Roane County. They started the lunch buddy program. Maybe this year's class could work on something like that. I think I'll suggest it since this is the time of year they're scrambling to come up with the class project.


Speaking of Lost in the Comments

The software says there are "new" posts in the "Quote of the Day" thread, but I can't find them anymore.

Same thing happened to me. I

Same thing happened to me. I think it's fixed now. Let me know if it happens again.

In your individual user

In your individual user settings for "comment viewing options" at the bottom of the comments page and before the new comment box, you can set the number of comments per page.

If a thread has more comments than the number of comments you have it set to display, the "new" link can't find them because they are on the next or subsequent pages.

The only workaround that I've been able to find is to set your "comments per page" to the max, i.e. 300. If a thread gets more than 300 comments, this won't work but that would be rare if ever.


That makes it clear. The "new" comment was on the next page, and the link only goes one page deep.

Hey, nothing's perfect. Thanks, Randy.

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