Dec 6 2007
10:05 pm
By: WhitesCreek
Dr. Fields at the Environmental Review Board

Dr. Fields gave the Enviro Board a show.

Update: Why is the Industrial Board against this proposal? It won't cost a dime going forward, saves electricity and money, and it's the neighborly thing to do? There were three letters written by the Industrial Board telling the Commissioners to NOT pass it. I'll post more about these later, but it seems they were making the false argument that using shielded lighting would stop development. What's really up?

The Environment Review

The Environment Review Board seemed overwhelmingly positive about the lighting proposals for Roane County.

Improved security, no additional up front cost, lower electric bills, happy neighbors...

And we save the sky for our children's children.

What's not to love?

SaveRoaneStarrySkies in Paper

If you haven't read/heard about us or our mission, our article appeared in the Oak Ridger. Here is the link:

Thanks to those that were at the environmental board meeting last night. In addition, thanks to the environmental board for allowing us to talk about the issues surrounding the loss of our starry skies.

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