Dec 6 2007
07:50 am

Does it concern us that 40 million pounds of nuclear waste may float by Southwest Point, through Kingston, under the I 40 bridge and on up to Oak Ridge for "processing"?

Does 40 Million pounds sound like a bigger pile of nuclear waste than 20,000 tons?

Why can Italy process it's own nuclear waste instead of sending it here?

Just asking...

Rail or Truck

It doesn't sound like this is an over-water transport. The article said that the "waste cargoes would be shipped to a U.S. port, and then come to Oak Ridge either by rail or truck." Of course, rail or truck can have their own problems.

Oone other detail...

The tonnage would not be coming in one big load. That's spread out over 5 years. Not one huge shipment of a mountain.

That much and more haz-mat stuff passes through Roane County on rail and in trucks and has for years. I don't have exact figures, but my educated guess is that this would not be a huge increase percentage-wise. If anybody has figures to look at, I'm open to education.


Each shipment is a Danger

Frankly, I'd prefer one big shipment. A "small" nuclear spill is about as bad as a "big" nuclear spill, and, the more trips you are talking about, the more the danger of a spill.

I'm not sure how this compares to other shipments coming in and out of Oak Ridge.

Barge transport is an option

Barge transport is an option for part or all of the waste.

My concern is actually more on the oversight at the processor. I would feel a lot better if this were not a private contractor.

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