Dec 5 2007
03:33 pm

Save Roane Starry Skies' Astronomy Outreach Chairman will be speaking at the Roane County Environmental Board meeting tonight (Thursday, December 6) beginning at 6:00 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Roane County Courthouse in the County Commission Room. It is expected that Dr. David Fields will be speaking beginning at approximately 6:20 on why Roane County should restrict light emission into the night sky. Please come by to learn more about our mission.


I am in South Carolina but

I am in South Carolina but hope to be back in Roane County in time to make the show.


That would be great. It promises to be very informative.

It was

And it appears that the Environment Board is very supportive, as was the rep from the Planning Commission.

Particularly after they heard that there is essentially no cost to developers to comply and that Full cut off lights save money.

Good job, David and everybody.

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