Dec 4 2007
07:06 pm
By: WhitesCreek

Bruce Cantrell will challenge Lincoln Davis for Congress. Conventional snark is that Bruce will challenge Lincoln(D) from the Left as a Republican.

Early handicappers say Bruce is toast and is running for name recognition.

In another local race, insiders say that if the election were help today, Ken Yeager would win the Senate race against Becky Ruppe. They also point out that it won't be, and say he won't and she will when all is said and done.

Maybe...Maybe not...We'll see.

Agree with some

I have to tell you I think Bruce will get killed by Lincoln- HANDS DOWN.
Lincoln is a strong candidate and he keeps in good with the Republicans as well as us Democrats. But I heard he is going to run to help with name next time when Lincoln runs for Gov. The Cumberland Co Executive will be the strongest candidate when Lincoln gives that seat up.

But as for Ken Yager, I have been hearing a lot of Republicans are not impressed with him at all. My wifes people over in Fentress Co and Morgan Co have said they will not support him in the general, they are all Republicans. So it could be interesting with both candidates about the same on social issues it could come down to a likeablity race.

Same here...

I'm hearing Ken Yager will run poorly because people recognize the problems he left Mike Farmer and the Commission to clean up... financial situation, jail not dealt with until it became an emergency, etc...


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