Aug 22 2007
11:53 am
By: WhitesCreek

I wonder if Roane County has more traffic lights per capita than any other place on earth?

As I worked my way through Rockwood this morning I wondered why a street that is only two blocks long has a traffic light. Highway 70 crosses this entire country but it stops in Rockwood every 30 seconds or so just so people who drive those two blocks can cross.

There used to be 7 traffic lights to get through Rockwood and now there're at least 9, 10 if you count the one on 27 to get to Roane State Community College. We've got lights at Walmarts and grocery stores and I figure we only need about half the ones we have now.

Anyway, I decided that we may have to have some sort of contest to determine the most useless traffic light in Roane County.

Anybody have a candidate they want to campaign for?



They are getting ready for the next step. Cameras at every light for,no I meant safety; it's for safety.

Can I blame my transmission problems

on years of starting and stopping at least four times a day at almost every block in Harriman? Don't even get me started.

Harriman has at least tried

Harriman has at least tried to synchronize their lights so there's a flow.

Kingston and Rockwood have no flow whatsoever. After school lets out, Kingston comes to a dead stop with it taking as many as three greens to get through the main intersection.

I'm also suspicious of Rockwood's cutting the yellow timing to 3 seconds and issuing a bunch of tickets and then setting it back to four seconds.

Is that the new speed trap?

Back before most people had

Back before most people had air conditioning in their cars, my parents bought a few hives of honey bees on a hot summer day. Hauling the bees back through Harriman, they hit almost every light. At each stop, the bees would swarm out. They still laugh about how all the nighboring drivers were scrambling to roll up their windows.

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