Nov 29 2007
07:29 pm

Cute kids and a chick with really nice thighs in a tutu...What's not to like? (That "nutcracker" thing? It's not what you think)

Presented by Arts in Motion Dance Studio

The Nutcracker has become a Roane County tradition you do not want to miss. RSCC Theatre. Dec 1, 7 pm; Dec 2, 2 pm.

Tickets are $15 and available only in advance...Call 376-0295.

chick? :)

I see not much has changed since the 1960s, even for "progressives." :)

-- OneTahiti

Hmmm...I'd say certain

Hmmm...I'd say certain things haven't changed for 100's of millenia and won't, unless the species dies out. Why should terms of endearment go out of fashion?

Right you are. WC...

This year, on short notice, they even added a show that was tonight (usually a final dress rehearsal). They ran it as a paying open show because of demand from people who had called and were not going be be able to attend on Sat or Sunday. Friday there are 2 shows, but they are sold out and are exclusively for area schools to attend. They do a special show-and-tell Q&A session for the students after each school show.

Indeed, the Saturday and Sunday shows have become a part of Roane County tradition that shouldn't be missed.

This production is unique among local area productions in at least a couple of ways.

I have seen a number of different productions of The Nutcracker. This one is probably a bit more consistent with the original version as written for and produced by the Kirov Ballet in St Petersburg, Russia, and taught at the world famed Vaganova Academy there. Several productions of this classic tend to "modernize" it and some have gone so far as to change it enough, I would call it "bastardizing" it. Not so the Roane County Arts in Motion production.

The Ballet Mistress for Arts in Motion, Lilia Valieva, is a native Russian, and was trained for 8 years at the Vaganova Academy, and has been in productions of the Nutcracker in the Kirov. She knows what the original authentic choreography is, and she pretty much demands they stick as closely as possible to it. Ms Valieva is a duly qualified Prima Ballerina, having served as Principal Dancer in numerous companies in the US and abroad. So The Nutcracker as produced by Arts in Motion is one closer to the way it was designed to be than many more commercialized versions you may see.

Further, due to the number of students who come from all over East Tennessee to study at Arts in Motion, the Roane County production has, for several years, had the largest number in the cast of any Nutcracker production in Tennessee.

Jennifer Austin, Artistic Director and owner of Arts in Motion, hires professional Lighting Designers, Technical Directors, etc, in order to have the most professional quality production possible. Yet, since The Nutcracker IS a story for children, about children, and featuring children, she does not limit her cast to adults - she includes children in the production, believing it contributes to authenticity and what The Nutcracker is all about.

It should be worth your effort if you can get to see it. If you don't make it this year, watch for the announcement of ticket sales next year.


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