Nov 28 2007
03:36 pm

Pinnacle Pointe seems to be going well, so why don't developers pay Harriman what the State says they owe?

The RCN Editor thinks powerful and well connected people ought to pay their bills just like the rest of us.

The bad press alone ought to make somebody get out the check book.

I don't want to pick on

I don't want to pick on Steve Kirkham but I was just told that he doesn't live in Roane County any more. Did he move out of his subsidized digs in the Industrial park?

Anybody know if living in Roane County is a requirement of serving on the Industrial Board?

If he has moved...

(not sure that he has)... Steve Kirkham is waiting on getting some details ironed out to move back into a more permanent home in Roane County.

Do not know if living in Roane is a requirement - kinda doubt it.


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