Nov 27 2007
08:28 am

It's the week after Thanksgiving, still November, I already hate the Xmas carols I love, and I have a burning question: "Why, in towns in which it is illegal to throw a snowball at a tree, is it legal to stand out in the middle of a five lane road and beg for money?"

I'm surprised that there aren't more wrecks, or at least what I would call "knockdowns."

Have you guys tried to read the poorly hand lettered signs that tell you who's begging, and stay in your lane? And, what a vengeful temptation it must be when someone sees "that" officer out in the middle of a road standing under a green light?

Now before you call me a humbug and a scrooge, let me claim that I'm not. I give money to, and work for, a number of charities and do-gooder causes.

...I just don't do it in the middle of the road.

Oh, Man, WC, I laughed out loud!

At your title for this entry! You made my endorphins flow! I REMEMBER the song!

I can thoroughly empathize with ya on already being tired of the Christmas music I love! It's plumb ridiculous! I wanna be able to sing, hum, or whistle 'em WHEN IT'S TIME! I was hearin 'em even before Thanksgiving some places.


I love to go a wasseling,

I love to go a wasseling, but by the time it IS time, I don't even want to hear my own self sing those things.

Ain't it the TRUTH!?

I think a lot of that would be alleviated if we didn't START Christmas until it's Christmas! The 12 Days of Christmas, are, after all, the 12 days BETWEEN Christmas Day and Epiphany (Jan 6)!

That's one reason I like the season of Advent. It's what lead up to Christmas, and is not a time for celebrating as if it were Christmas, but rather a time of preparation during which one does not act as if it were Christmas.

Sometimes the older folk had it right...


My wife absolutely hates the

My wife absolutely hates the aprons the Knights of Columbus guys wear. "Help Retarded Children"
I'm sure the money is well spent, but she finds the label offensive.

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