Nov 22 2007
08:20 am

The leaves are flying by the house this morning. They must think they have an appointment in Meigs County. Last night's storm changed our gorge and I suspect it changed your yard, too. This is a good thing. Change keeps it all interesting.

So the bird is already in the oven and the kitchen is a happening place to be, not just at our house, but all over. I've planned hikes every day as pennance for the excess I know is coming and it will all be worth it.

On this Best of All American Holidays, I'm thankful for every second I'm allowed to exist in this fascinating World, and grateful there are so many thoughtful folks to share the experience with.

Thanks to all of you for being a part of RoaneViews and making our Community a better place.


Thanks, Indeed!

Indeed, a gorgeous Thanksgiving! I certainly echo your thanks as stated in your last 2 paragraphs.


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