Nov 21 2007
09:34 am
I AM the Grandparent...They all come to me now.
25% (3 votes)
My family is close enough that we'll all be home for leftovers.
33% (4 votes)
We're hitting the road tonight...Long way to go, but it's all worth it.
8% (1 vote)
The SUV knows the way over the Interchange and through several states. Gas prices are killing me this year.
33% (4 votes)
Phooey on Holidays...I'm staying home and watching football
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 12

But it ain't a SUV!

Going Turkey Day morning... and I'm SURE over gas prices!


Once again

None of the choices fit. :)

-- OneTahiti


Add yours right here in the comments.

Not quite the same, Whitescreek :)

But here goes: "We love the holidays and are staying home. No football!" :)

-- OneTahiti

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