Nov 18 2007
06:15 pm
By: onetahiti

Thanks, RB ((link...)). Here's a larger image of that eagle (originally done for a 13x19 print). It's based on a detail from a quilt-top by Mary Simon (b. 1810).

eagle based on pattern from quilt-top by Mary Simon (b. 1810)

-- OneTahiti

Thanks SO much, OneT!

How neat! I do appreciate the larger image copy!


You are very kind, RB

It's probably foolish of me to be the only person here who posts non-photographic original graphics. However, I'll persist in uploading a doodle now and again, at least for a while, in hopes of inspiring others to do the same. :) It is to be hoped the uploads are not too frequent. :)

-- OneTahiti

I SERIOUSLY doubt they would be a problem!

I'm not skilled in making graphics, but I sure do appreciate them. Reckon I'm a tad envious :-)

It is you who are kind for sharing them freely.

Talk to ya later during the week!


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