Nov 18 2007
04:58 pm
By: WhitesCreek

So I'm one of those enviro types who realy thinks we should use less, recycle, and do manual labor instead of burning fossil fuels whereever possible. Having said that, I want to say one thing...

A Big Danged Leaf Blower is a wonderous thing!

I got the leaves out of the gutters, off the decks, and off the walkways and still had time to see Peyton win.

Well, WC...

Now that's what I call Value Added!


From the folks who brought you roomba

You realize that there is now a robot to clean your gutters don't you? You just put it in the gutter and turn it loose. Everyone in the country needs to buy one. Everyone! It doesn't mean a thing that I own stock in the company. Not a thing.

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