Nov 16 2007
11:32 am
By: WhitesCreek

I keep looking at the Roane County News, hoping to see Gerald Largen's piece posted. So far, it ain't happening.

Gerald asks some questions about the Roane Alliance that deserve answers. I guess you'll have to get the dead tree edition and read it yourself.

Speaking of Questions

Although I am aware of an infringement of my copyrighted phrase "dead tree edition" (see my prior use here), and that we need to work on that, I am not here to debate that.

Instead, speaking of questions that deserve answers, I would still like to know whether the "14 Rockwood dropouts over four years" figure quoted here and here was accurate.

With respect to the Largen article, I haven't gotten the dead tree edition yet. Therefore, my silence on that subject is not acquiescence. Please govern yourselves accordingly.

Wikipedia :)

About "dead tree edition": See (link...)

-- OneTahiti


Thank you for bringing these additional infringers to my attention.

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