Nov 15 2007
08:09 am
By: WhitesCreek

I stopped a few hundred yards from my driveway and watched Jack's Beagles work the pasture.


Hmmm...I guess you have to

Hmmm...I guess you have to click on the image again to see the beagles.

What a beautiful place!


How can we look at a community this beautiful and not take care of it? How can we throw trash on the ground? Dump mattresses and furniture on the road side? Leave 19 tires on the side of the road?

What a beautiful place to live.

Wendy @ KRB

One of the most beautiful

One of the most beautiful spots for Fall color, Headwaters Road, had an old carpet dumped on the side of the road two days ago. It seems to be a favorite dumping place for some folks. I guess they don't see the Beech trees or the creek. All they see is that their trash is now somebody else's problem.

What a shame!


I was recently speaking to a group and one of them pointed out that we have to get people to love this community and have some pride in it. He was exactly right! I am currently looking for ways to do that. Any suggestions? Anybody?

Wendy @ KRB

Absolutuely wonderful - and beautiful.

I've been really impressed with the perseverance of the colors this fall - especially in light of the drought. I was in middle TN for a couple of days for a meeting, and even after the bad weather of Wed nite, the colors were still ablaze and amazing. This is a wonderful illustration of that! Sure appreciate it being shared with us!


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