Nov 12 2007
02:02 pm

I went to see a local production at a local theatre. "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" is now showing in the theatre at Roane State.

It's a nice theatre, with plenty of capacity, a good stage and technical outfitting. Above all, it's a good show with a good cast, well done, and it's good fun.

I'd advise going to see it. Mostly all local people are in it, both on stage and behind the scenes.

Way too many people have missed the opportunity for good live theatre, and there's no need to do that, especially with the Roane State Playmakers putting on a show. It's just another illustration that you don't need to leave Roane County for all of the finer things in life.

The show I was at was watched by Jim Crabtree, the owner/guru of the Cumberland County Playhouse. I talked to him before and after the show, and he was favorably impressed with the production and with several of the actors. If you like the stuff they do at CCP and respect Crabtree's opinion and his work, then you should like this show.

It still runs this week according to the schedule posted at:

My advice: it's well worth the price - go see it. It'll be time and a few bucks well spent. And it will support the humanities and arts INSIDE Roane County. Just do it.


It's a good thing, Charlie Brown

Your A Good Person, Charlie Brown, if you support the arts in Roane County....and Roane State's Theater is state of the art. The arts will grow in Roane County, only if we support the folks who can make it happen...and alot of these folks are at Roane State.

I wish i could go see the show...but Los Angeles is quite a commute.

Muse Watson

Watch this... (link...)

I've seen several

I've seen several productions at the Roane State Theater and have been veryimpressed with the productions, both on stage and behind the scenes. We have some very talented people in Roane County and at Roane State. I, also, urge everyone to attend and support the arts there.
When the Princess' renovation gets done, we will have an arts mecca in downtown Harriman!

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