Oct 18 2009
11:28 pm
By: WhitesCreek

By Ray Collett

Hello Reader
I am back this week with another "Rockwood Memories. Last week, I was just too busy with the Tennessee Fall Homecoming at the Museum Of Appalachia that I didn't have the time to "computer." If you have never been to the "Appalachian Museum", at Norris ( a mile or two from Clinton) it would be well worth your time to go. My articles about Dr. Tom Phillips and his father drew quite a response and I will share a few emails with you. First from Mary Ellen Burkett Varner who writes...

Thanks Ray, for another "Keeper of Memories" for my collection for my own grandchildren that will never be able to experience the people or activities of my own childhood and life. Dr. Phillips was our family doctor also. I often have wondered about my own Mother's belief in who God really was to her. Dr Phillips was certainly one of the characters, meant to be said in a very loving way. She would drive us [my brother Morris and I] to him from Oak Ridge or make us wait with sickness until a REAL doctor Phillips could care for us. In my earlier life, preschool age, Dr. Phillips was a weekly visitor to our house on Chestnut Hill for a game of 'Setback' with my Dad, Tom Burkett, and 2 other men. It was a place he could go and no one knew where he was-----except my aunt Gladys Smith, who was a night nurse at the Chamberlain Memorial Hospital. She rarely interrupted his game of cards as far as I know. One of the players was a Baptist named Mr. Tauscher[?] who was constantly gigged by the good doctor who always asked who was roasting wieners at the church that night. He also loved to constantly send me to get him a glass of water, the kitchen sink being visible from his chair at the card table. The sound of running water made me wiggle and squirm trying not to wet my pants. He loved to watch me . I guess he had suggested to Mother to train me that way. It was years before I figured that one out.
I am sure there will be many stories of Dr. Phillips returned to you.Why not consider a collection of them? I know you have nothing else to do!!!!!!!! Yes, that was meant to be a smart aleck remark.
Happy October!!!!!!!
Mary Ellen B. Varnell
And another from Mary Ellen..... "One of the other players was Tom Mays, Dr. Phillips' son-in-law. My brother Morris was named for the doc also, plus my Dad.[Morris Thomas ]. I could tell you some of the stories I heard him tell, but I do not know if you could print them. I could give you that choice.
One was about a patient who had a bad condition around the mouth. The doc had been trying to treat it, what it was I have no idea. When he saw the patient a bit later, he saw the condition was well healed. When the doc asked what had they done to the problem, the patient answered," You know, Doc, that stuff you gave my husband for hemorrhoids? Well, I just rubbed it around and around my mouth and there it is, all well."

Cheers!!!! Mary Ellen
Thanks so much Mary Ellen for you emails....

And from Pat (Hughes) Kerchieter..."> Dear Ray,

I don't know whether or not you know it, but Dr. Phillips was remarried
again to Rob Littleton. Rob was my Grandmother's stepdaughter. I
remember that Dr. Phillips came to my house to treat me for scarlet
fever when I was about three years old. I also remember going to his
house, it was the big (back then it was big to me) crab orchard stone
house that was on the hill, that is now above Hardee's. When Dr.
Phillips married my Aunt (step-aunt?) his family was none too pleased.
They didn't approve of Rob, who to them was not good enough for him.
Rob was a wonderful person and lived a hard life, especially after Dr.
Phillips died. She really got none of the "estate" that he left
behind. His family from his previous marriage took the house and
everything. I also remember going to his office. It was right next
door (across the street) in a little white house. He was a good man and
I loved to see him come because he always brought me something. One time
he asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I told him that I wanted
a little "black" baby. I had seen a black doll at a store across what
is now Gateway at a little station, (where the florist is now) beside
what is now Evans Mortuary. I lived in Blackjack at the time and there
was an old black family that lived behind us named "Love" of course I
had to go see Mr. and Mrs. Love everyday, and couldn't wait to tell them
that my Uncle was going to bring me a little black baby! (Only at that
time it was early 50's and people didn't use the politically correct
term "black!). Of course he gave me the little black baby that I wanted
and I thought that was the prettiest doll I had ever had. You really
didn't see much of them then, but I can remember that it was my favorite
doll and I was sooooo proud of my Uncle for getting it for me. I have a
set of crystal that was given to Rob by Dr. Phillips when they were
married, and I still treasure it to this day. I don't know if you can
print all or any of this, but I wanted you to know that there was a
little more to Dr. Phillips' history than that was a little on the
seamy side by marrying below his station in life. Dr. Phillips didn't
care. I know he loved me and my family and Rob. She was married to him
when he died and now she has passed on too. But I remember him with
love and am proud that I knew him and wanted you to know it didn't
matter who you were, he was great enough a man that station in life
didn't matter to him.

Pat (Hughes) Kerschieter

And our latest email from Chester Taylor....(Class of 1960)
Ray, thought you might get a kick out of this.

When I first started to attend the class reunion a few years ago I was talking to a friend here in Michigan where we have lived for the past 44 years. He asked what I was planning on doing in the near future, and I told him that Virginia and I were going back to our hometown of Rockwood , Tn for a class reunion.
When he asked which year, I told him that the way they worked it was to have one reunion to cover all the years. Then some of the years had their own, but the big one was held at the beach for everyone that had attended school at Rockwood.
He asked me which year I had graduated, and I told him I was one of the really smart kids that had learned everything I needed to know in the first grade. However I continued to attend school just to have somewhere to go because there was only old people at home. Besides all my friends were going and there was no one to hang out with because everyone else was in school so I figured I would go also.
I quit in my senior year and joined the Marines. I don't think I would have graduated that year anyway because of all the mistakes the school had made on my school records. I know I had really passed all the subjects I had taken over the years and they had just got my records mixed up with someone else. And they would not listen to me and change it back like it should be so I showed them and I quit and joined the Marines.
Thanks coach Pemberton!!! Because of you I thought I was tough enough to handle anything they could dish out. Football practice was a walk in the park compared to Parris Island. I thought I was tough...................NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did survive the training they put us through and spent 4 years digging holes and crawling around in the brush of Camp LeJeune N.C. Now I am on of THE FEW, THE PROUD, THE MARINES!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure you have heard the old saying, Once A Marine---Always a Marine!!!!!!!!!!!!
So he said you never graduated but you are going to your class reunion?
I told him yes I was what was wrong with that.
So I told him yes I know that, I will just do like I did in school, I will leave early!! For some reason that ended the conversation with him just shaking his head.
See I told you I knew everything.
PS I am proud to say all three of our sons graduated from college. It took them a lot longer to learn what I learned in the first year HA

That about does it for this week. Next week will be a REAL treat..Our friend and classmate Jo An Howard Gaines( Class of 1953) sent me some memories that Harry Shamhart wrote in 1999. Now Harry attended Rockwood High 1931-1935 and really brings back-to-life some interesting things. Be thinking, and I am sure, (along with Jo An) that this will send many of you scrambling for pencil and paper, or the computer to put you "memories" on paper to pass on to your children and grandchildren....Until next week.......Ray

"Rockwood Memories" Volume One and Volume Two can be found at "Shack's Restaurant", "Yonder Hollow", "O'Those Were The Days Antiques", Gail Score's "Western Wear" all in Rockwood...And at David Webb's "Rocky Top General Store" in Harriman. Or by calling (865 354 7680...

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