Nov 5 2007
06:47 pm
By: WhitesCreek

This is really good information from a comment that I thought should be brought to the front page:

Did you know that the GED test is given to graduating high school seniors each year and is normed so that 40% CANNOT pass the test? What does that mean to employers hiring someone with a GED? You are getting an employee who can read, write and do math at a level that is perhaps higher than most graduating seniors.

Good Info, INDEED!

Very important for potential employers to know - I suspect some have sorta "looked down their noses" at GEDs versus HS diplomas. This is indeed good for them to know. May help get deserving folks some decent jobs!


That's weird!

When I clicked on the link in WC's original posting, I got a "page not found" error, staying on the RoaneView site. Yet when I paste same letters in here, it seems to work...

verrrryyyy strange...


Thanks, RB...Fixed it

This stuff is soooo confusing sometimes

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