Nov 5 2007
02:38 pm

Our County Commissioners are members of the Tennessee Municipal League which is opposing open government.

They are backing changes to the Sunshine Laws which would essentially allow
backroom deals to be legal. Where do our Commissioners stand on this?

The Knoxville City Council is voting on a resolution, supported by Mayor Haslam, that opposes changes to the law which got the Knox County Commission sued for back room deals.

If the City of Knoxville can conduct government in public...Why can't Roane County?


I haven't talked to them - have you?

I don't know what our Commissioners feel about this, nor do I know if they all feel the same way (which would surprise me). But I don't think they can be taken to task for what the TML does or doesn't do. TML doesn't ask permission of the Roane County Commissioners to take a stand. Nor can the Roane County Commission control the TML's positions.

I personally have been a member of a larger organization that occasionally takes stands on issues different from my personal view. All I can do is say "they ain't me." That's all the Roane County Commissioners could possibly do.

And it's a big leap to assume that because of a stand of TML, the County Commission can't conduct government in public.

Make no mistakes about it - I do not favor government in secret. But I think it an error if someone assumes the worst about Roane County Government because of some position TML might take.

I HARDLY agree with every thing they do. But it ain't a barrel of crooks we've got there. None of them will claim to be saints. And I am unaware of any of 'em that will claim they haven't made mistakes. Is it fair to accuse by assumption that they have goal to govern in secret?


I'm not taking them to task

I'm asking for a position statement on open government.

I'd be surprised if we see that, but hey...I'll be the first to applaud.

If not...I'll take them to task. Just like being a rah rah for a losing team, being a total pessimist is wrong also...But It seems justified way too often.

We'll see, either way.

I appreciate that...

in the large sense of the word "appreciate." If I have a chance to talk to any of 'em, I'll ask for just that. Who knows - they might respond. They may not, but I'm not beyond asking for it if I have the opportunity!


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