Nov 4 2007
07:36 am
By: Rockwood Lawyer

Congratulations are in order for Steve Scarborough. The Roane County News, Friday edition, indicates that it is now official: he has been named as a "Legend of Paddling" by the American Canoe Association. If you're reading, congratulations, Steve.

P.S. I couldn't find the article on the Roane News site, but you can still buy the dead tree edition today to read it.


Congratulations, Steve! :)

We all knew Steve is a "legend," but it is great to see a national group saying so too.

Way to go, Steve!

-- OneTahiti

The time here is off by 2 hours?

It is as if someone fell forward instead of back. :) I posted the preceding message at 8:16 AM EST, not 10:16 AM. :)
-- OneTahiti

Aw, shucks, Folks

Thanks for the party...And now that I've joined the ranks of Big Foot, the Skunk Ape, and the Loch Ness Monster, I'll get back to sweeping the floor and setting the clocks.

Seriously, we had a great time in Florida. Good food and good friends...Just like here at home.

Congrats to Steve, whoever

Congrats to Steve, whoever he is, for the honor of achieving legendary status!

Congratulations! That's a neat achievement!

But then your history in the sport is a well-established achievement, as well - so this just goes along with it! Way to go!


You deserve it!

If folks only knew all that you do!! I just don't know how you find the time to do it all!

Sincere Congratulations Steve!

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