Nov 2 2007
11:07 pm

Did you know...

We have a Literacy Council in Roane County? Did you know they actually meet? Did you know they need us to make an impact on Adult Education in this county?

Guys we spend a lot of time talking about our kids and education. That is because it is very important to us. I realized today, we NEVER talk about adult education. Roane State is the current contract holder of adult ed services for Roane, Morgan and Scott Counties. They offer GED classes, Basic Computer Skills Classes (I used to teach these to seniors and it was a blast!), skill enhancement classes, pre-employment test preparation classes, entrance exam preparation classes - all offered at NO cost! For some, an improvement to school based education is too late. For these, Adult Ed is crucial. You can get details on the Roane County Literacy Council, by contacting Adult Education at the Tennessee Career Center at Rockwood. Phone # 865-376-6663. It is never too late to exercise a brain!

The folks over at 376-6663 are nice!


Thanks for the nice post about the Literacy Council! :)

I've sent acquaintances over there to get GED help. Sadly, to my knowledge no one has succeeded. So far, only one person I sent actually got up the nerve to go over (as far as I know). He thought he took the test, but found out afterward it was just the practice test. He keeps saying he'll go back but hasn't yet, and it's been a year or two.

They probably have good reason to make folks take a formal practice test before the real one, but from where I sit that is just one more hurdle put in the way. It took years for that fellow, who was afraid of failing and of tests, to muster the courage just to take that first test. He may never get back to take the real thing. And apparently according to their rules he will need to take the practice test over. :( So he still has two tests in the way. I fear he may never get past that. I wish the first test had been the real thing.

-- OneTahiti

Thanks, Michelle! :)


Thanks for the information!

It figures that the rules are not up to the nice local folks. :)

-- OneTahiti

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