Oct 31 2007
09:30 am
By: RoaneBooster

Did the little newspaper go?

Tried to catch the Wednesday updates in Roane County News at their online site and it's GONE! (link...) comes up with some generic page that had essentially NOTHING on it!

Anybody know what's goin' on?



They are supposed to be putting up their new web site today, but "nothing" is what we get so far.

I'd say somebody doesn't have a clue about how to test a web site before taking it live.

Let's hope they get it fixed soon, or we'll have to wait fo rthe mail to run before we can see what's going on in our fair County.

Allright! It's up and running

Check out RCN's new web site. Go over to the right column under "Local News Media" and click on Roane County News.

Not bad. Now let's see how they keep the new house furnished. If we like it, we'll visit often.

Congrats, RCN.

On first look, the new site

On first look, the new site is a great improvement. I'm assuming they don't have all the features working yet, though.

And here's a suggestion: Ditch the vibrating "You are a winner" dishonest banner ad ASAP!

There's very few things that make people leave a web page faster than these totally irritating ads.

But things are moving in the right direction. I can't wait to see if Gerald Largen's column will show up so I can quote him at

Ya musta KILT it, WC!

Tain't thar! Nuttin but the same generic "wanna buy a domain?" page. It's 2:57EDT.


It's there. You probably

It's there. You probably need to clear your browser cache. If you use Internet Explorer, click tools on the right of the tool bar and then delete internet files.

Or just wait and eventually it will show up.

Ok, now it's gone...I guess they are still messing with it. It's old news right now anyway. We'll check it tomorrow or tonight and make a pronouncement.

The site seems to be up and

The site seems to be up and running now. To give them a break, there are usually things to fix when a new one goes online so we may see some weirdness for a day or so.

It's a lot better than the old site for sure. We'll reserve judgement until we see how the new issues get posted.

I have a subscription to the rag but will happily view it online.

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