Oct 30 2007
03:15 pm

Ok, this is totally off the normal topics but I thought it was interesting.

Sclerochronologists are scientists who study the growth and age of clams using annual growth lines in the shell in much the same way as dendrochronologists study the growth of trees using tree-rings.

They dredged up a really old clam...Over 400 years old.

"According to the Guinness Book of Records, the existing record for the longest-lived animal belongs to a 220 year old Arctica clam collected in 1982 from American waters. Unofficially, the record belongs to a 374 year old Icelandic clam which was found in a museum. Both these records appear to have been eclipsed by the latest specimen, whose age, between 405 and 410 years, has been assessed by counting the annual growth lines in the shell."

So should the headline read, "Oldest living animal killed by Scientists"?

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