Oct 30 2007
11:51 am

Am I the only one seeing this? Or do others experience it, too?

Last coupla days it seems the view on this website is being compressed more narrowly. I see a bit more than an inch of unused white margin on the right of the screen. This is true on 2 different computers I view this site on. They are both of different resolutions and I have changed the resolution on neither machine. Has something happened to the HTML formatting? Is it possible for it to fill out the screen again?



I don't see what you're talking about.

Have you got your preferences set to "remember window size" on your browser? Try to reset the size by dragging a margin to where you like it and then close and reopen. There are so many possibilities as to what may be going on that I don't know where to start other than that.


I don't see that option in my browser...

but I haven't changed anything on either computer. Can't drag anything.

It's no big deal - isn't gonna chase me off the site :-)

Only a minor aggravation - I've sure lived with worse!


It shows up fine to me.

It shows up fine to me. Thanks for a great Website.

The template is set to

The template is set to expand out to a max of about 1024 wide. Any wider than that your browser just fills with white. (It will contract down to about 800 wide before it starts cutting off the right).

Maybe you've either maximized your browser on a monitor larger than 1024 wide, or you have stretched your browswer window out wider than that.

OK - that makes sense...

but I haven't changed any settings on either computer... the one I'm on right now is set at 1152 X 864, so that's bigger than what you're talking about. But the slightly more than inch of white to my right hasn't always been there.

Thanks for the response!


Something changed recently

Something changed recently here too, not sure when. I used to get a wider look for the site. My resolution is 1920x1200, and my browser and system settings have not changed.

I can still see the site OK, though.

A cursory inspection of the code shows:

<tr width="994" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<td border="0" valign="top" width="994" cellspacing="0" cellpadding = "0">

across the top and farther down:

<table id="content">


#content {

/* width: 100%; */

It looks as if someone commented out the old 100% at some point, which is consistent with the behavior I am seeing here. This is by no means an exhaustive analysis; I didn't even check *all* the files (but I will if someone wants me to.) :) However, I can tell you that the page display has indeed narrowed on wider screens.

-- OneTahiti

Still don't see it. The

Still don't see it. The width 100% was commented out of the style sheet a long time ago and hardcoded in the template to provide for a fixed width at 1024 but floatable for smaller widths. This was done on the first *Views and propagated across the rest.

I did upload a new template over the weekend, but all that changed was one line of PHP SQL code (to reduce one query's execution time by about 1000%), and the same change was made across all *Views sites.

I know that sounds suspicious, but honestly, nothing else was changed. The style sheet was not uploaded, so it should be the original.

I downloaded the current template from RoanViews and modified it before uploading, just to make sure the most current one was used.

The appearance and behavior have not change for me.

Not sure how anyone was ever viewing it wider than 1024 (994 + allowance for browser borders and scroll bar). It's been that way all along. Honest.

I guess I could put the old, pre-weekend change template back and see if it behaves differently?

EDIT: The only thing I can think of is that maybe there was a photo/image wider than the allowed 400px that was pushing everything over to the right and making the main column wider. That can happen. Any time I see them I change the img tag to add width=400. Maybe I or someone else did that?

Up until sometime recently I saw a wide page here

I can tell you I was seeing a wide page on my 1920-wide screen until some days or weeks ago. I'm not sure when it changed. The change occurred before this past weekend, though. It was a while ago.

It is OK now anyway though, so it is not a problem.

Just so you know: the width does not seem to have a maximum. I often read the site with the text blown way up for easier reading, and at least in Firefox this makes all but the graphical header wide anyway. Right this instant I increased the font size just to test it, and the page is taking the whole 1920 pixels because I set it so each letter is about 1/3" high.

I do remember the page being wide no matter what the text size was, though.

Anyway, keep up the good work! :)

-- OneTahiti

Unless I hear a lot more

Unless I hear a lot more about this, let's not worry about it for now.

We have plenty to do. We'll just watch things to make sure there's not a more serious problem somewhere.

We may have to up the CAPTCHA level if we keep getting spammed. I have it set for anonymous posters at present, but even so, it's not one of the more obscure sets.

Sorry for the irritation.

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