Oct 27 2007
05:30 pm

I had mentioned yesterday that we had the hounds running after some folks out here in Glen Alice. Two young men were run down, shackled, handcuffed, and given a nice ride in the back of a Blue light special with a Rhea County label on it.

They were allegedly stealing copper and got seen. Then they got smelled by a bloodhound and then they got handcuffed, after a nice outdoor adventure involving two county lines, the railroad bridge over WhitesCreek, and some new patrol car ruts through the back pasture of a neighbor's farm.

When I heard the names I was saddened for the families.

No, I'm not will come out soon enough.

One is just a mean undisciplined kid that grew part of the way up. His blue collar family are hardworkers and deserve better. This isn't his first encounter with the law. I think the family could do better without him but they won't feel that way.

One of the others bothers me. A harder working young man you never saw... Fine family.

The neighborhood is all buzzing on which drugs these guys are supposed to be using.

I'm a bit of a libertarian about drugs. Kill yourself if you want to but leave me and mine out of it.

I'm not so generous about a thief.

Well, I'm glad they persevered and caught 'em.

The theft of copper in particular, and other metals in general, is having a significant effect on a national level. I've seen pictures of people fried at electrical substations because they thought they knew how to get lots of big copper safely. I've known of areas who have had emergency communications shut down because thieves have gone to radio tower sites and stolen just the cable used for transmission line. People can die because of that kind of stuff. (By "that kind of stuff" I mean when police/fire/EMS type people can't be communicated with because some doofus ripped off their repeater site in the middle of the night, and they can't hear their dispatcher tell them where someone in trouble is located, etc.) Some places I know of that have been stolen from in that manner have suffered terrific damage to the radio equipment because some thief was "cheated" out of getting as big a haul as they wanted when they found that the amount of copper in some coax cable was very small compared to the size of the cable.

I'm hoping these folks can have examples made of ' em.


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