Oct 26 2007
03:40 pm

Hey neighbors,

Keep Roane Beautiful needs your help. We have received some money ($10,000 from Keep America Beautiful and Waste Management) to start curbside recycling in Roane County. We are looking at beginning in one city, as it stabilizes we will move to a second city and so on. This project would be an asset to the community. It would allow the community to offer an amenity to it's residents. Eventually, it would put money back in the budget. It helps reduce waste sent to the landfill. It will draw a lot of attention to that community as this was one of only 15 grants issued nationwide by KAB and Waste Management.

So here is where we need your help.
What communty do you live in? Do you recycle already? Do you use bags, boxes or special bins? Would you be willing to pay a small fee ($5 - $10) as a deposit on bins? If you are a part of your local government, would you support a recycling initiative for your community if there was no burden on the budget?

Just gathering thoughts,
Wendy @ KRB

This is wonderful!

Where's the Press release, Roane County News?

So here are my answers:

Glen Alice; We recycle; all of the above; And yes!

Press Release Coming!


I have to say, RCNews has been very generous to KRB. We are ironing out what and how we want to do the release. The delay has been on our part. Thank you for your support!

Wendy @ KRB

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