Oct 26 2007
10:21 am
By: WhitesCreek

I drove out my driveway and came upon a Rhea County sheriff Deputy and asked him if he was lost.

Apparently(as of 10:30 am) they have a manhunt going with dogs and everything.

Some thieves got interrupted in Rhea county and ran for home, which is apparently Roane County.

Last info I had, which must be considered totally unreliable, is that they had captured one man and were in the woods after two more. The local neighborhood men were out in force, and appeared to be having a good time. I kinda feel sorry for the guys running in the woods. They'll be better off if they can find an officer to surrender to.


Ever seen the movie Deliverence? I think I would stick to the areas where I only need to worry about the Police. The good old boy brigade might operate outside the law!

Just my over active imagination, I am sure.


Friends of Mine

Sure I saw Deliverance, and met James Dickey, and the paddler stuntmen are friends of mine. And even the little retarded boy who wasn't retarded but could dang sure pass but couldn't play banjo, Billy Sumners, who was working at a gas station last time I saw him.

Frankly I'll take the hill people over the City police, but that's another story.

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