Oct 17 2007
05:13 pm

The neighborhood is near the Rockwood jail, oddly enough.

Authorities have rounded up 8 of 14 people they have warrants for.

Who are the other six?

My guess is...

You'll need to wait until the arrests are made to find out. It is normal practice - for a number of reasons - not to let that information out until they have already been arrested/processed. They're not gonna keep it secret when they arrest the others.


Drug Arrests

Near the Rockwood Jail?????? Ray Collett

Near the jail is how the TV

Near the jail is how the TV reporter described the area. Everyone who knows Rockwood knows that it is a small town and everybody is "near" the jail.

It seems like a case of big city reporter lost in a small town.

WC, I think you're right on the money there!

Of course, the reporter also wouldn't really know there's not really a jail in Rockwood :-) Rockwood arrestees are transported to the county jail ever since the escape that occurred from the annex a while back.


But RB, They had a shot of

But RB, They had a shot of the jail...I saw it on TV...It's got to be true..;>)


Ya gotta love it!


Yeah, I've seen that site...

and others like it. Tends to draw trolls and the almost quasi-literate.

Most of the stuff there isn't fit to comment on.


I agree with RB

(But you go thinking that's going to happen very often ;) That is more of a gossip site than anything else. They are so hungry for traffic they'll allow most anything to be posted.

There's no value in gossip except to ruin a reputation. It runs off the good people and the bad one's don't care.

Breakfast at Junior's

Did you folks see the guy who paid for breakfast at Juniors and was arrested before he could eat it?

Talk about cruel and unusual punishment...

"But...but...My Grits, man!"

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