Oct 15 2007
08:38 pm
By: Corvus

Positive Results of our new Sheriff !!

This morning I saw prisoners

This morning I saw prisoners weed-eating and cleaning up below the I-40 over pass in Kingston. Also this morning I saw them doing the same in Harriman at the Hwy 27 intersection. What a beautiful, comfortably cool morning to get out of a cell and do a bit of healthy tidying.

It sure beats us citizens doing it on our valuable Saturdays. Our church has adopted a highway section in Roane, and I can tell you after a long week of work and school and extra-curricular activities, it is definitely NOT our favorite Saturday morning activity.

After my daughter was once encouraged by the compliments from our church elders over her luck of finding a $5 bill while picking up trash, she politley smiled. On our trip home she promptly told me that it was not near worth the $5 reward. She has since picked up trash again for another group, and described the work as "just plain nasty". Hopefully, lesson learned.

Yea,the Sheriff is doing all involved a very big favor. Kudos to him.

Kudos: Sheriff and Corvus!

Thanks to Jack Stockton for invigorating this program of service, and to Corvus for so nicely documenting it for all of us to see!


What a great job!

Let me tell you...

We love to see the roadside litter being picked up. We get very excited about those inmates. Sheriff Stockton and his guys are our heroes. We are also glad when groups, clubs, organizations and individuals do pick ups. Citizens National Bank is celebrating their 100th birthday and as a part of that celebration, they are picking up 100 miles of roads in Tennessee. The guys from our Kingston branch did a pick up on Saturday and plan to do a couple more before the month is out. Now that is heroic!

Wendy @ KRB

Wouldn't we love it more if

Wouldn't we love it more if no trash had been thrown out in the first place? There are places in this country where that is the case so don't say it will never happen here.

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If that happens...

Hey WC,

I am excitedly preparing the list of things Keep Roane Beautiful could be doing if there was no litter to pick up. We could aid the elderly in maintaining yards in the summer, we could improve our public use lands, we could set up viewing areas for wildlife watching around the water, we could raise funds for scholarships for students in environmental programs, we could pilot recycling programs to keep Ralph Stewart busy figuring out how to sale the recyclable material, we could... Oh LORD! I just can't take in all of the possibilities!

Seriously, you guys should see the kids when they see KRB's demonstration. They get it at that level, now if we can reinforce it at High School and College level. The numbers say the group most likely to litter is 17-24 year old males. I am telling you, we have to find a way to get hold of that group. Any of you Juvenile Court connected? I think litter pick up crews of young offenders might help there. Just ask Major Mynatt what his guys say after being on the Litter crew. KRB might have some funds to pay the officer that oversees a once-a-month crew of youth.

Anyone else got an idea for this age group?

Wendy @ KRB

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