Oct 15 2007
08:30 pm
By: WhitesCreek

Tuesday is Soup day at the Common Ground.

Wednesday is muffaletta day at Utopia Cafe. It's like an Italian sub only much much gooder.

Gentlemen...Set your taste buds!

And Ladies too!


And I gotta work (not in Roane County) that day! Hard to get a real and a good muffaletta this side of southern LA! This is too much!

Do they plan on repeating this regularly?


It's funny..

The proprietor was going to take the muffaletta off the menu because nobody was ordering it except for those of us who were driving from Kingston just to get it.

We demanded it be kept on the menu...Ok, we asked politely and she said she'd run it as a special. I'll be there.


I love Italian Subs, but just what is this muffaletta? I wasn't in town today either. Can we get another notice when they are on the menu again?

Wed Special

I think Utopia Cafe will have the muffaletta as a Wednesday special for a while. I found out that you can always ask for it and maybe the chef will have the fixins.

Oh...And Misael's souvlaki was delicious. It's there every day.

Had to stop reading...


I gained 10 pounds reading this line and I just can't afford to do that. Can we post a caution sign when you list all these great foods?!?


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