Oct 15 2007
07:52 pm
By: Corvus

KIPP = Knowledge is Power Program
There have been some exceptional discussions on the state of our Education in Roane County. How about a "New" idea ?
Roane County definitely has the Brains to pull it off.

Here's a good version of the link

Thanks, Corvus! :)

Here's a good version of the link: (link...)

-- OneTahiti

Thanks Corvus!

KIPP looks like an exceptional program targeted toward exactly those we need to reach. Roane County is a good candidate, but I am sure there are so many more.

It was refreshing and encouraging to see most of the KIPP schools were placed as MIDDLE schools. It seems to me not as many choose to teach the "hormones in tennis shoes" grade levels.

Suffering from the lack of quality teachers traditionally attracted to elementary and high school, but yet serving the needs of students at a critical educational turning point, middle schools are especially challenged. Granted there are many excellent middle school educators. But it also is an area to dump lower-performing tenured teachers we have little else to do with.

Regardless if we might have the fortune of a program like KIPP, at least we can learn programs like that are focusing on a need they have identified, which seems to me mostly Middle Schools. Perhaps we too can learn to step it up a notch in our own Middle Schools. So many are lost in the "between" elementary and high school. Maybe we should give middle schools more of our best, instead of too many of our least.

Thanks again Corvus,

Parental Involvement

From a quote on an article on Nashville KIPP Academy. "Both kids and guardians were required to sign contracts, consenting to a host of commitments dealing with dress code, homework and significant parental involvement."

The key here is significant parental involvement. If our public schools in Roane County could separate students into a category of ones who parents agreed to the above terms and ones who did not, then I would guarantee you that these children would achieve the success that KIPP Academies are having. I would also argue that KIPP Academy teachers are not better than what a normal public school would have, they just aren't handcuffed by the additional overhead of dealing day-to-day with the problems that comes with not being able to selectively select students who attend their school.

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