Oct 15 2007
07:19 am

Will Harriman swell up and crawl away from it's beautiful but dying old town center and swallow up all of Roane County's businesses?

If there's one powerful argument for Metro government, this is it.

Everybody here already knows ahead of time...

that when I think/talk about such things that: a) I just don't get it, and b) I forgot what else (other than my lack of mental and political sophistication), but in any case refer back to a)
But, since I am so dense, and apparently haven't learned my lesson yet, on I go :-)

"Will Harriman swell up and crawl away from it's beautiful but dying old town center and swallow up all of Roane County's businesses?"
Nah. Its center of gravity or center of mass may move away from there a bit, the way it does in all cities as they grow a bit. So what? No big deal.

"If there's one powerful argument for Metro government, this is it."
Hmmmm... maybe yes, maybe no... Just because Harriman says it wants to go in a certain direction its City Fathers feel is logical and natural? I dunno. That's natural, kinda, and it's exemplary of the way all 3 central cities in Roane have behaved and are behaving from time to time with regard to annexing. Annexing anything.

That said, I have long been a proponent of metro government, which is NOT the same, beloved OneT, as having all large consolidated schools and doing away with neighborhood schools :-) I'm still lookin out for ya, kiddo!

"swallow up all of Roane County's businesses?"
Like I said. Nah. Never happen. Can't happen. Grow some? Perhaps. But it won't consume all the county's businesses. Not this millenium. ;-)


I stand by the question. Now

I stand by the question. Now Harriman is competing for County land that is less than two miles from the Center of Kingston and several times that from the Harriman town center.

What services will be brought to those people by Harriman as opposed to Kinston? Better still...Why should either town be allowed to annex the land? They already have police, Fire, and Schools.

Well of course you're standing by your question...

The other question, as yet unanswered, is why should they NOT annex? It's legal. If they violate no laws, why should Harriman not annex any more than any other town should not annex? They have every legal right that Kingston and Rockwood have. They have a set of city services developed that probably could be extended. God knows HUB provides more reliable electric services than REU.

If it is true that there have been citizens in the areas they're considering annexing that have asked to be annexed, then whether Kingston or WhitesCreek likes it or not, they're within their rights to at least consider it. Or to plan for it being able to happen in the future. It's not the same as when a huge group of potential Kingstonians went to their City Council and raised such a ruckus about not wanting to be annexed. If they wanna be annexed, it's a different story. I know that not everybody will want to be annexed, more than likely. Some people simply like being left out of any city.

It's the nature of the beast...

But what to do to advance the cause of metro govmint, WC?


I have a problem...

It looks to me like municipal governments overspend their incomes and then annex folks who aren't part of the problem to get more tax revenue which they will then...overspend.

Time for it to stop.


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